Welcome to the Rasoirs des Bois web site

Originally from Quebec in Canada, Jean-Yves Lévesque, Craftsman mainly on wood lathe. My story for this passion that I discovered began, first of all, with the acquisition of a few tools that a friend wanted to dispose of, among these lots was a wood lathe. It must be said that I have always been attracted to everything related to wood, a little handyman in my spare time.

I was attracted to the making of pencils, which I always make besides. Over time, I experimented with different projects. I am mainly passionate about making razors, badgers and soap dish. Like many people, I became concerned about the environment and I thought that it was one solution among many others to contribute, for my part, to this great turning point in our society.

My products are mainly made largely from locally acquired wood and some made from exotic wood.

My goal is to continue to develop my business in parallel with other care and health products that will come to join largely handmade with love and always with a great concern for the environment.