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Rasoirs Des Bois

You will find on this website a range of diversified handcrafted products such as, men’s shaving products, beard care articles as well as accessories.

For shaving articles, the wood species used are generally locally accessible, maple, cherry, ash, black walnut, as well as some exotic woods, padouk, bubinga, rosewood, olive wood, palisander and ebony.


Shaving articles

You will find among these articles all the accessories which relate to the care of the shaving.

These are mostly individually handcrafted, which gives them the distinction of being exclusive, also offering you the possibility to personalize your choices and always with quality materials to meet your needs.



A large selection of badgers is offered. Basically I use knots of pure badgers 20mm of superior quality and first quality.

I also offer the possibility of special order beyond 20mm, i.e. 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, a wide choice of wood species.



To define the category of sets you can discover through the gallery, different types of sets.

Whether for a badger, razor or eventually a complete set, a wide choice is offered to you.


Care & Accessories

Among these items you will find accessories such as; wooden soap dish of different species (black walnut, cherry, maple, ash, olive, etc.), as well as porcelain soap dish.

The wooden soap dish are all handcrafted on a wood lathe.

Our Products

It is possible to customize your choices regarding wood species, mainly for razors and shaving brushes.

Special orders may be submitted through our email info@rasoirsdesbois.ca.

As for some other items, pine and maple are generally used.

For more info feel free to send us your needs or questions to info@rasoirsdesbois.ca.